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Sandblasting 101 - Where Can it be Used?

Sandblasting is a kind of technique which is used in cleaning or roughening surfaces. Such process is actually carried out by sandblasting equipments and it also involves blasting compressed air or steam at high speeds on glass etching or for cleaning metallic surfaces. For the typical applications, sandblasting equipment comes with blaster nozzles and also an air compressors in order to propel abrasive in high pressures. Depending on how it is used, the type of grit will vary. To read more about the Orange thermocouple monitoring view the link.


Uses of the Grit


Some of the common types of grits that are being used for sandblasting would include aluminum oxide, copper and iron slag, glass beads, shells of walnuts and crushed glass. An aluminum oxide is mostly being utilized for surface finishing and likewise for preparations. The glass grits are likewise good in removing contaminants from surfaces that are aggressive in nature. A plastic abrasive is also being used to scrape off paint as well as other coatings without even damaging the underlying surface. Another grit which is also being used for treating delicate surfaces would be corn cobs. The substrate will remain intact and also the contaminants are being stripped off. Steel grit likewise are used for treating rough and aggressive surfaces.


For Roughening and Cleaning


The rusty surfaces, surface scales and aging, burred components, machine wear and tear are some of the common issues which a lot of industries face. This is where sandblasting equipments play an important role in prolonging the life of machineries and equipments. This is able to allow easy removal of rusts and preparations of the surfaces in applying coatings and paint. If there's no paint, lustre and also a perfect finishing, products could never appeal customers on the highly competitive market. Before the application of paint layers, sandblasting could remove surface imperfections, which then gives a smoother appearance. Take a look at the information about the sandblasting http://burbanksteel.com/sandblasting-los-angeles/.


Carving and Shaping of the Surfaces


Due to wear and tear, metallic components can in fact go out of shape. Another common use for a sandblasting equipment is on monument letter engraving for cemeteries. A three dimensional signing can be acquired with sandblasting, which can in fact provide more satisfaction towards customers compared to flat signs. Sandblasting also could be used for the purpose of artwork. Buildings are in fact refurbished through sandblasting equipments. For the wood signages, the rings that are on the wood are made significant from the grains through raising them with sandblasting, which will then give a pleasing appearance. The words and images can be carved through the process of glass etching. Such effect is known better as snowing of glass, which in fact will make it semi-opaque.


Sandblasting equipments can in fact be used for different purposes, which in fact includes commercial and residential cleaning as well as on industrial shaping or for the purpose of resurfacing applications.